Monday, February 8, 2010

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Checking Amega wand 4 health.

Checking Amega wand 4 health and possible testimony blog.
Always Ahead With Amega!

It has always been the objective of Amega Global to give you nothing but the best and be ahead of any competition; better your lives by achieving total wellness and financial stability; and ensure a secured future for you and your family.

With this in mind, Amega has redesigned a new and magnificent way to expedite the success of your business with Amega.

Come 1st of February, Amega will be implementing an improved TGB Income Plan, with more payout at almost all the levels and more depth in the payout. These changes have been thought of to make the compensation plan easier to understand and more rewarding. Details are as follows:

* Business Kit worth USD28 will count toward the initial enrollment requirements;
* The 15% commission paid on personal purchases is redistributed so Leaders can earn up to 91% more income in their Unilevel plan;
* While there will not be any PRC paid, under the improved TGB plan, all Customers and Preferred Customers will be considered as the First Generation Sales of the Sponsor BA;
* Generation 6 and 7 have been added with 4% and 2% of commissions respectively;
* PBV requirements in the Mega Matching Bonus have been reduced.